Winter work @ Carsin

So the holidays came and went, now we are back to work here at Chateau Carsin. I've been preparing wines for our bottling next week. We will bottle fresh white & rosé wines from last harvest; Blanc de Carsin 2017 and Rosé de Carsin 2017. Also our house red, Rouge de Carsin 2016, and our prestigious blend of 6 varieties, Cuvée Noire 2016, will be bottled. They all taste good, so I'm very happy. 

We have not had a truly cold winter, except for one weekend. You can see from the photo below how beautiful the vines looked in the freezing cold! Pascal has already pruned most of the Merlot vineyards and then come the Cabernet's and other red varieties. The whites we prefer to prune later in February.


We are also planning our new plantation for spring 2018 and probably we will plant 1,2ha of Sauvignon Gris in April. Otherwise the winter is quite calm here in Rions, and luckily we've also managed to do some maintenance work, cleaning up and repairing broken posts etc. in the vineyards. I've been also creating our new webshop, which will be soon published, so stay tuned! 

Cheers, Nea