The winemaking at Carsin is relatively simple; grapes are carefully selected and our aim is to pick everything by hand. We prefer natural fermentations and don't add any enzymes, tannins, acids or sugars. We truly want our wines to reflect the fruit of our vineyards.


Cellar work

White and Rosé wines are whole-bunch pressed and kept cool for a night or two. Blanc de Carsin and Rosé de Carsin wines are fermented and matured for about 2 months in cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks. L'Etiquette Grise and Sauvignon de Carsin wines ferment and mature in oak barrels for 8 months. The wines are blended, clarified and filtered before bottling.

Red wines are fermented either in stainless steel tanks with thermo-control or in open-top stainless steel vats. During fermentation we extract the tannins, colours and aromas by remontage and pigeage (pump-overs and punch-downs). Small lots go through their malolactic fermentations in barrels and bigger lots of Merlot mostly in tanks. All red wines mature for minimum of 12 months in tanks and barrels. We keep the different grape varieties separately until the blending, so they will all mature on their own for a year. The red wines are blended, clarified and filtered before bottling.

The sweet wine, Cadillac, is picked in late and fermented in oak barrels. The fermentation is long and can last until January. The sweet wines ferment and mature in oak barrels for minimum of 18 months before bottling.


Amphoras & Experiments

In 2017, we started experimenting with clay amphoras for both white and red wines. These clay vessels were used in ancient winemaking and now as we are looking for more fruity and fresh reds, amphoras are an interesting alternative for oak barrels. Carsin has a 100% Carmenere and 100% Cabernet Franc made in amphoras, but quantities are quite limited. Nea also has some skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc made in Amphora, this wine is bottled for Charivari Wines and it’s called L’Amour Fragile. New experiments are made every year, though all of them are not worth mentioning.