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Here's a brief history of Chateau Carsin from 1759 to this day. Learn also about the current owner family and their team as well as their philosophy in winemaking and managing the property. Our friend Ville Saarinen has also created a virtual story about Carsin, which you can check out here.



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Chateau Carsin was first mentioned in 1759 when the land where it stands was joined to Chateau Salins in the medieval town of Rions. In 1805 it became a property of its own with 17 hectares of land. There are many parts of the house that date to the 19th century and since 1901 the exterior of the house has not changed. When the Berglund family bought Chateau Carsin in 1990, there was 14 hectares of vines, but wines had not been made in the cellars of Carsin after 1964.

In early days of Berglund family ownership, New World winemaking techniques were introduced and wine was made in a totally new and modern winery. For 10 years, the winemaker was Australian Mandy Jones. In the 2000's, the aims and philosophy of winemaking has changed radically. Today the wines are made with less technology and minimal manipulation in the cellars, rather putting the emphasis in presenting the authentic characters of our soils in our different vineyards. 


The people

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Chateau Carsin is owned by the Berglund family and managed by Juha Berglund. Together with her daughter Nea they run the winery and the vineyards. Nea is responsible for the winemaking and the vineyards and she works closely together with Pascal, the viticultural manager and Thomas, the consultant. 

Soline works in the vineyards all year long and she also helps Pascal in the labelling and packaging. Sandrine takes care of office work and administration. Samuli works as a part-time help in both cellar and in the vineyards and Nicole takes care of the house.

Jukka is responsible for our sales in Finland and he is the only one located in Helsinki instead of Bordeaux. During harvest, Carsin also receives dozens of volunteers, mostly from Finland, who come and help with the harvest work.




Today, the effort is put into the work in the vineyards and less in the cellar. The wines present the authentic characters of the soils in the different vineyards. Most of the work in the vineyard is done by hand and the practices are sustainable and respectable. We are under conversion for organic viticulture and from vintage 2021 onwards, all wines will be officially organic.

We have searched for the roots of our wines by planting some historic grape varieties of Bordeaux such as Sauvignon Gris, Malbec, Carmenere and Petit Verdot. Our 9 grape varieties, careful vineyard work and simple winemaking help us to stand out from the numerous producers of the area.