For over a quarter of a century, Finland's top chefs have been preparing food at Carsin's kitchen. Each year chefs come to feed our harvest hands,  creating delicious lunches and dinners. For many chefs, the essence of cooking at Carsin is Pascal's garden where they can find fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits, as well as the Saturday market in Cadillac that offers local meat, fresh fish and delicious cheeses.

For us at Carsin, the quality and taste of food are extremely important. The wines naturally belong to the dinner table and we try to build great and harmonious combinations. The dinner is our reward after the big harvest days.


Antti's Wallenberg

Antti Vahtera is a dear friend of Carsin and the Berglund family. He has visited Carsin many times per year for a long time. Antti is not only a great chef but also a great spirit in the kitchen. Everyone feels welcome and most times Antti has lots of happy helpers in the cuisine.


Jani's Bouillabaisse

Jani Pesola came to Carsin as a young chef and his love towards good food and wine has only grown since. Jani visits Carsin few times per year, sometimes to cook but also just for the fun of it visiting Nea & Samuli. Usually big chunks of meat are always involved.


Marko's Crème Brûlée

Marko came to Carsin for the first time in 2000, and has been visiting as a harvest chef every now and then. His calm presence is always welcome in the middle of the hectic harvest time, but mostly we love him because his tasty, simple and honest food that he serves.


Antti's Duck Liver Mousse

Antti Leisten is definitely a romantic. He no longer works as a professional chef, though he is still in the industry. His passion for sauces and little birds on a plate is something we've never seen before. His always welcome to cook at Carsin, if his nerves can handle it..