Antti's duck liver mousse


Ingredients for the mousse
200g duck liver
100g butter
1dl cream

4 shallots
1dl white port wine
½ dl cognac
1dl water
1 sheet of gelatine
salt & pepper
6dl cream

Start by preparing the reduction. Chop shallots and stir them quickly in a hot pan with some oil. Add cognac and port wine, the spices and water. Let boil slowly so that the liquid reduces to about 1/4 of the original volume. Take the spices out and let the reduction cool down. Chop the liver and add a good amount of salt and pepper. Marinate it in 1 tbsp of cognac for a while. Chop the butter and whip 4dl of cream. Fry the livers until golden colour and add 1dl of cream and ½ dl of the reduction. Bring to a boil and add the gelatine. Spin this liver-cream quickly in a blender and add butter and 1dl of cream. Strain the mousse through a thin strainer and add the whipped cream. Let the mousse cool down and serve with grilled bread, fig jam and mâche salad. This "entrée" goes perfectly with a sweet white wine, such as our Cadillac.

Antti's Story

"The first time I visited Carsin was in 2000. I was at the peak of my career as a chef and filled with enthusiasm and passion for the ingredients. As I had survived from the tension and stress of the first days, I realised something big in the combinations of the food and wine. For the first time I understood that it's not only what you tell your customers, but that in fact, some foods and wines go perfectly together. Juha made it clear every day and showed some great wine combinations with the food I prepared. Together we found ingredients that will support the wine choices and vice versa. At its best, these combinations can be profoundly gastronomic, visually beautiful,  even romantic and when combined together with the people around a big table; simply perfection."

Antti Leisten